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Gatsby themes allow you to override configuration from the theme by defining the same property in your gatsby-config.js at the root of your project. You can see the default configuration provided by the theme’s gatsby-config.js file.

System Requirements

Folder Structure

jaq-stack-folder-structureImage: JAQ Stack Monorepo - Folder structure

How to Build - Monorepo

  • Create a new directory and cd to it

    mkdir projects
    cd projects
  • Clone git repository

    git clone

    Note: ‘ksurendra’ will change for you. Copy from github

  • Jaq-stack directory will be created with sources in it

    cd jaq-stack
  • Build the project

    mvn clean package
  • If the build goes well, you will see the output as below jaq-stack-sample-build-screen1Image: Sample build screen 1

    jaq-stack-sample-build-screen2Image: Sample build screen 2

  • The above will generate a war file named under /jaq-stack/target/jaq-stack-webapp.war

  • Deploy this war to any web application server like Tomcat, Jetty.

How to Deploy/Run

Using Tomcat as an example:

  • Open tomcat’s admin console like
  • Choose Select WAR file to upload , uplaod the jaq-stack-webapp.warjaq-stack-sample-tomcat-adminImage: Sample Tomcat admin console screen
  • If the deployment is successful, you can see /jaq-stack-webapp in the deployed applications.
  • Open a new browser and use this url . You should see Java Hello World!jaq-stack-sample-screen-browserImage: Sample jaq-stack-webapp page on browser


  • Main application http://sampleserver:8080/jaq-stack-webappjaq-stack-sample-screen-browserImage: Sample jaq-stack-webapp page on browser
  • Initializr Theme http://sampleserver:8080/jaq-stack-webapp/initializr/jaq-stack-sample-screen-webpage-initializr-angularImage: Sample jaq-stack-webapp page on browser
  • Sample servlet Sample jaq-stack-webapp page on browser